We all FAIL sometimes;
"Next we won't be the one to FAIL."

Set 22nd | 130


#wtf what anime is this

*opens briefcase full of prince of tennis official art* hello, i’d like to talk to you today about superior sports anime

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Set 14th | 4092

「Nowadays, tragedies aren’t popular.
                        Why don’t we have more fun?」

Set 14th | 5172 
W h y   a l w a y s   m e ?  -  Kaneki Ken

W h y   a l w a y s   m e ?  -  Kaneki Ken

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Set 3rd | 17 stellaotaku:

kagayamatobio# hinatashouyo# kagehina# haikyuu!


kagayamatobio# hinatashouyo# kagehina# haikyuu!

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Set 3rd | 1866

"Why didn’t you tell me earlier?"

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Ago 14th | 20 mocchi-chi:

artist : MIKI努力画


artist : MIKI努力画

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Ago 14th | 836



※Permission to share this artwork was granted by the artist.

Ago 14th | 697

short-haired Zura for Hao Hao

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Ago 14th | 1055

Then keep swimming until you find the answer.

Ago 14th | 518

Diamond No Ace ch. 2 vs ch. 391

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